April 1st, 2013

You have a strength

Its really easy to compare yourself to other people in the industry and in school. There is talent as far as the eye can see and when you’re starting off ( and hell, when you’re in the thick of things as well ) its easy as an artist to question where you stand.

Its kind of inevitable, but there are pros and cons. We should be inspired to work harder, to try new things, and to rise above our levels. We should get a little healthy dose of competition because it is a competitive field and it helps prepare you - but dont make the mistake of thinking that you have nothing to offer if someone is better at you then something.

There are a whole bunch of things that make up an animator, and its not about solid timing or draftsmanship. Just because someone is a stronger animator then you , or you view them as having stronger drawing skills, doesn’t mean you are worthless or have failed in some part of your artistic journey. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, not all of us are strong at drawing, or have really clicked with animation timing , but we all have something unique to offer.

For myself I found that my strength and weakness is my analytical kind of thought process.  It made for a struggle when it came to character acting and timing , because it could come off very formulaic - but it also allowed me to problem solve very quickly. Because of this I’ve been able to get things done in a pinch, as well as help out on many shows that need animation fixes in a very short amount of time. Being able to hit deadlines and taking on quick last minute jobs became one of my strengths because of this. ( of course i’m still working on the character acting thing , we all gotta push ourselves still!)

You may have a keen sense of comedic timing, or the ability to make someone laugh. You may be able to get into a characters head and under stand their thought process. You may be a great communicator and be able to understand critiques and directions or may be able to explain the technicalitys of animation in a clear way to others. Maybe you’re like me , problem solver to the end .You may be an absolute joy to work with and have an attitude that people want to be around.

some of you may be thinking well thats …just basic work stuff -good attitude? cant everyone offer that? UM NO. I’ve worked with some people who have piss poor attitudes - we all do have weaknesses after all and that is not some peoples strong suit. My point is there’s something about you that is going to excel in the work place. Sometimes it just takes awhile for people to realize it , but its there.

Be aware of your weaknesses, but be aware of your strengths as well and use them to your advantage.

go get ‘em tiger

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