March 13th, 2013

On animation mediums

I understand digital animation is not everyone’s cup of tea. I understand that many people prefer the hand drawn quality of the cartoons they grew up with and still admire. I understand that people wish to pursue this hand drawn quality as a career. Thats fine - im for people having their own opinions and lord knows 2d is one of my fav things ever -

But what is becoming a particular pet peeve of mine is people expecting digital animation to hold the same feel as traditional and when it doesn’t, saying it diminishes its value or the talent it takes to create it.

Its comparing apples to oranges.

Both are fruit , both have different flavors , both have different textures. There are people who prefer one over the other and some who enjoy both equally. Sometimes if you have too much of one , you get tired of it after awhile and need a break.


I’m fine with people observing, learning, discussing - but just because digital animation is not THE SAME as traditional animation doesn’t mean its lazy, cheap, or some sort of indicator of where your talent lies ( oh they do digital , they must not be good at 2d/drawing/ect ). There is good and bad examples of each because they are both MEDIUMS of animation.

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    I prefer “Oranges” But I respect the hell out of “apple farmers.” I respect everything it takes to make a 3D film. I’ll...
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  10. jay-ay said: Yes, exactly! I love and appreciate both forms of animation <3
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  16. lemon-skies said: 'digital animation' is a bit vague. 3D animation? Flash? 2D drawn digitally? In any case, they ARE all different, and I agree with what your saying. But the difference between traditional 2D and computer drawn 2D is more like two different apples lol
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    I take it this is about the number of people complaint about how the Mickey short looks like it was made in Flash in...
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